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George Oommen


George Oommen is a Boston-based, Harvard-educated architect and painter whose art is inspired by the memories of a childhood spent in the spice coast of Kerala in India. His landscapes take viewers on enchanted journeys, reflecting the verdant views, serene waterways and sun-drenched skies of Kerala. Some of these journeys are mystical – like the collection entitled “Sacred Spaces Within You.” These abstract compositions are inspired by Indian temples “where pilgrims are conveyed from secular spaces to the inner sanctum of one’s spiritual self.” This spatial exploration reflects Oommen’s architectural background.

Oommen’s art is very versatile. It is tactile, emotional, spiritual and as sensual as the vivid colors of the silk saris that have influenced his Kanjeevaram series. His artistic explorations have created a unique aesthetic style that mirrors the monsoon and the rain-swept visuals of his imagined homeland.

Oommen had a retrospective at The Whistler Museum of Art in Lowell USA, Several Solo shows at Harvard University Cambridge MA, a solo show in Vladivostok Russia, sponsored by the US Consulate General, and at the Agora Gallery in NYC, Visions of Kerala in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Trivandrum India, “Erasing borders 2012 and 2016” by the Indo American Council of New York and showing at Hammond Museum and Queens Museum of art in Queens NY. Sunaparanta Goa Center of Art solo show in GOA , Open Art code Paris Art en Capital with Salon des Artistes Independents at the Grand Palais, and Centro Cultural La Vaguada in Avenida Monforte de Lemos, Madrid, Spain